“After 20 years in the industry, I find myself privileged to own a fantastic salon with a talented team. My passion is to create manageable yet stylish hair so you can walk out the salon with great looking hair and be confident in its ease of styling. My key strength is be able to visualise your next haircut so if you’re unsure of what you want then I like to think you are in good hands. I’ve gained this experience by working with and alongside some of the industry’s best talent such as Charles Worthington, Sean Dawson, Yasmin O’Brien and Sean Hanna. They have given me a good insight into what we should be providing in the salon for our clients and I’d like to think that the service we provide is amongst the best.”

 “I had heard that Ben was a great cutter and chose him to restyle my shoulder length hair today. I am so pleased that I did. He is truly gifted and I am now sporting an asymmetric pixie cut with lowlights that I love. All reactions have been super positive and highly complementary. Thank you Ben.” Anna – salon customer


I might need a step ladder for this!! at the Ben Forrest Your Hairdresser Salon
Quick check on the make-up at the Ben Forrest Your Hairdresser Salon

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