Ben Forrest

Terms & Conditions

  1. booking appointment is acceptance of our company policies…… whilst you can expect to enjoy a fully professional service we do expect at least 4 hours notice of a cancelation otherwise you may be charged upto 75% cancelation fee.
  2. we charge all no shows 100%.
  3. a non refundable (maybe transferrable) deposits may be required on appointment with a value over £125.
  4. please remember that we commit our time 100% to your appointment, we just ask that same courtesy in return, late arrival for an appointment, please call the salon to let your stylist know you are going to be late, please remember we may have appointments after your booking, we allow between 10 to 15 minutes for late arrivals any longer than this will result in us asking you to reschedule your appointment, if we have to do this because of your  lateness we may charge you upto 75% of the booking.
  5. client property/belongings; it is your responsibility as the owner to make sure that anything you bring into the salon with you is looked after, we take no responsibility for any goods that are lost or damaged in the salon, unless it is damaged by a member of staff due to carelessness, anything left in the salon we will do our best to contact anyone we believe may be the owner, all items left in the salon, are kept for a period of 8 weeks before they are disposed of.
  6. all of the products we provide are professional products, we exclusively use goldwell colours, part of our policy regarding colour is the need to carry out a skin test no less than 48 hours before your first colour treatment with us, no skin test no colour, failure to have a skin test when you have booked for a colour, MAY result in your appointment being canceled and you may still be charged upto 75% of that booking.
  7. all salon promotions are covered by our policies regarding cancelations, no shows, late arrivals and skin tests, NO two promotions can be used in any one appointment, all promotions are current and on-going promotions, these may be changed, we do promise at least 4 weeks notice of any changes, all changes will be posted with notice on the web-site, prebooking offer is not the right of the client and is only available for the prebooked appointment within 8 weeks of the current appointment and not for any rescheduled booking, recommend a friend, anyone visiting the salon as a recomendation that is to be in receipt of the 50% off must not be a client to any salon in the name of Ben Forrest and the appointment must be carried out by the stylist the the friend has been recommended to, this offer is for first appointments only, the return of 50% for recommending a friend is subject to all the salon policies
  8. on-line booking,10% offer is for Thursday and Friday only, all Appointments booked on-line are Covered under the company policies(1,2,3,4), we do ask that you call one of the salon to cancel your appointment or reschedule, once an appointment has been canceled by phone you are then able to re-book on-line
  9. Loyalty card, on-going promotions and special offers are all covered by our policies(1,2,3,4,&5) and we have the right to remove any promotion and/or special offer from anyone, without notices if these simple company policies are not met, the loyalty card is a privilege and not a right of any person visiting any salon and is the responsibility of the card hold and not the salon to be maintained and kept for use within the salon.
  10. Retail, we recommend what we believe to be best for your hair, once any product has been opened or partly used we can not take the product back and we do not refund on any of the products we retail or buy in otherwise.
  11. Fantastic hair can only be created by us with your feed back, if you are un-happy with any service in the salon there is always a solution, any service you feel has not been carried out with the greatest of care and attention must be brought to our attention as soon as possible and must be within 2 weeks of the orginal booking, if within this time we will do everything we can to make both you and you hair look and feel fantasic at no charge, however after this we will have to charge you.